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Re: Do They Mind When You Go In The Back Door?
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TheConductor wrote:

 When you know exactly what you want to say, the points you want to convey and the result you want to get, you can keep the call short and sweet and use a minimum of the valuable time of whoever you're speaking to.


Respect, courtesy, and efficiency will take you much further on these backdoor numbers than a sense of entitlement will. 



I'm not a CEO or anything, and don't work for any bank.  But I do work in an industry where customers like to try and escalate things a lot.  Being management, I get my fair share of calls that weren't channeled through the normal avenues.  If you follow the points above, I'll do what I can.  If you just think you're special and shouldn't have to call regular CSR's, you're not likely to get anywhere with me.  I can bend rules, I can break em...or I can pretend as if they're etched in stone.  Your attitude is the largest determining factor in this. 


These points pretty much should be followed on any call to any CSR, for any reason.  Be nice and respectful, and don't waste their time.  They'll be far more likely to respond in kind.