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Re: Blue Cash Preferred from AMEX, should I apply?

I did hear that recently (that Amex members get a soft pull if declined).


My credit utilization ratio should go sown to 61% after paying down the $3,200.


Can anyone post their utilization rates that got accepted for this card? Thanks to everyone who is replying to this post. The info is all very helpful!

American Express Gold Card- No preset spending limit / Capital One- $2000 CL / CareCredit- $5,000 CL / Chase Freedom- $2,000 CL /
CitiBank Mastercard- $1,200 CL / Dell Preferred- $2,000 CL / Firestone (CFNA)- $2,600 CL / Helzberg- $5,200 CL / Wal Mart- $3,000 CL