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Re: Ugh US Bank messed up

CruzImperial wrote:
I've found from checking to ccs, they like to screw things up.

How did you apply?

Also, the flexperks is a signature with minimum 5kcl right?

I apped online. Then called in to explain what I wanted to do if they were unable to approve me for another signature card.


I got the flexperks signature in June, so I did not think they would approve me for the Cash+ so soon. That I why I told them I would line swap from other account and then close them. They said yeah sure no problem. I then later see that I am approved for a regular cash rewards card with a $2500 limit and my other accounts are unchanged.


I called back yesterday trying to get everything fixed. I will see how long that takes.


I am trying to make it so I only have the flexperks signature and the Cash+.


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