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Re: Ugh US Bank messed up

Dustink wrote:

Dustink wrote:

CruzImperial wrote:
I've found from checking to ccs, they like to screw things up.

How did you apply?

Also, the flexperks is a signature with minimum 5kcl right?

I have also noticed they like to screw things up, but then again so do all companies. The thing I like about US Bank is when they screw something up they are usually able to fix it. I think if Crap1 did the same thing they would be very confused and not willing to do anything.

Yes, the flexperks is also 5k minimum just like the Cash+. I am leaving that account alone tho. I also have the flexperks select and their no rewards college card.


Well if they already opened up the Cash rewards line, call up and ask to just move the CL from your other two cards to your cash rewards and ask them to convert it to the cash+ siggy.