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Re: Applied and keep getting denied! Score 679 Help please

CruzImperial wrote:
There have been cases where wells Fargo has handed credit cards to students with low income. If you bank with them, that would be one of the very limited, if any, options available.

I would suggest opening a joint credit card with one of your relatives that has good credit history/income mix. The limit you get there will make other lenders grant you similar amounts when you apply later on.

The WF Student card has a minimum income requirement of $3000, so it is definitely a possibility for OP, but they accept almost NO ONE who doesn't bank with them. 


OP: Are any scholarships and grants you get from your school included in your income? You're allowed to report any rewards you get from your school (with the exception of student loans, IE: You cannot report anything you have to pay back) in your income. Also, many student cards will often require you to send verification of your enrollment in order to be approved. 


Also, you aren't subtracting the cost of your school from your icome, are you? Just because you are spending the money, doesn't mean it isn't income. There was one person who posted once that said they only made 2-3 thousand dollars because they kept subtracting all of their bills from their income. 



If you're looking into the WF Student card, and you don't bank there, I would suggest going into a branch and opening up a college combo ($100 minimum deposit, not a big deal) and then have the banker you do that with submit an application for you. They approved me without even asking me about my income or anything, the banker did the application for me after I had left.