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Re: Another GE luv!!!!!

kobe2012 wrote:

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kobe2012 wrote:

I called the backdoor for my chevron gas card and i got an increase from $700 ----->1700!!!... asked me how much I wanted, I should've asked for more.gas is very expensive I opened this card back in May, auto increased on Aug from $400 -->$700 and underwriter approved me after 15 mins!!!.. imma try my luck on my walmart card tomorrow.... fingers crossed :smileyhappy:



I just had to read this thread. I have ENOUGH GE accounts!!!!


I only have 3 GEs and i think its enough...although i kinda want a paypal one ... Anyways..its only good at chevron/texaco gas stations...

Question....since you are basically using a credit card (even tho its a store card) at the gas station...are you charged those .45 cent convenience fees?


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