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Re: Blue Cash Preferred from AMEX, should I apply?
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Supercollector16 wrote:

I did hear that recently (that Amex members get a soft pull if declined).


My credit utilization ratio should go sown to 61% after paying down the $3,200.


Can anyone post their utilization rates that got accepted for this card? Thanks to everyone who is replying to this post. The info is all very helpful!

I was approved for the BCE with a $2k limit in July of this year with 33% overall utilization. My highest limit card at the time was $4,500 and it had a $3,647 (81%) balance. I didn't get approved for the best APR, and I believe one of the reason codes cited balances.



EDIT: Amex internal score (Experian) was 720. I believe the BCE and BCP have the same underwriting requirements.