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Re: Blue Cash Preferred from AMEX, should I apply?

Supercollector16 wrote:



Is there anyone who has gotten accepted with a utilization rate above 60%?


Yup.  But income and history with them can play a part I think.  I had AMEX back in the late 80's, which I closed in the early 90's, got Zync 2011, finally given my old member since date, then approved for BLUE in May.  What they said for my EX was a lot lower than I ever would have expected them to approve, but my history is spotless, highest card 15k, no mortgage or car loans showing (last car loan was over 12 years ago at least.  They usually ask assets and tend to like proof of at least the low 6 figures.  I think my UTIL at the time was around the 60% area and told them I usually had higher UTIL as I take advantage of 0% as much as possible (just like AMEX would).