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Re: Can Somebody Nice Explain "Don't Carry a Balance?"

webhopper wrote:

shadow2k wrote:

Highest Balance is the largest balance that's been on the card at any time.  If you charged $5k, pay it the next day, and then the statement cuts showing a $0 balance, that $5k high balance will still be reported as your Highest Balance.  You don't need to let the statement cut for that to show.  And no, you get no bonus points for that.

That varies by lender unfortunately....  for Amex, they do not adjust your "high balance" without letting the statement show the balance.  I beg to differ on gettng no bonus points for that...  Discover always seems to give me CLIs after I've let a large balance report and then immediately pay it off before the next statement.  This has happened 5 times. 

 The highest balance I ever had on my Discover card was over $2,500, but the highest statement balance was only $967. My report shows $967 for the high balance.