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Re: Can Somebody Nice Explain "Don't Carry a Balance?"
Ahh I see. My discover started at 1200 back in 1999 but I didn't really use the card until 2006. I'm at 5k now. I don't use my discover card very heavily. Most of my spending is on amex. A lot of myfico forum members seem to think that having balances report is a terrible thing. Its only terrible if you've a) spent more than you can pay in full or b) financed a really large purchase on a credit card. Also; letting large balances report when you plan on apping is a terrible thing.

In my case it is sometimes impractical or impossible to PIF before statement cuts due to the way reimbursements work with my employer. We aren't allowed to get reimbursement until we've actually taken the trip. If the flights and hotels were purchased 2 weeks in advance and the trip lasts 1 week... it may be3 weeks until I turn in my expense form and another 4 days to receive the direct deposit... since they are only done on Thursdays.

My point being that its absolutely not the end of the world if a balance reports... but it is bad to "carry a balance"

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