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Re: Can Somebody Nice Explain "Don't Carry a Balance?"

shadow2k wrote:

webhopper wrote:

My point being that its absolutely not the end of the world if a balance reports... but it is bad to "carry a balance"

Carrying small balances on almost all my cards compared to just one of my cards is a 30pt difference for me.  770 EX FICO vs 800 EX FICO.  But the things that I do with my credit affects my scores more because I don't have many things that are lowering them.  So every little thing hurts me more than it would hurt someone with lower scores.


But to be honest, I let small balances report all the time.  I only focus on my score at certain times during the year, like mini app sprees and insurance renewal time.


wow that is a huge difference! I don't pull my myfico scores very often. I use credit secure by amex and do daily 3 bureau pulls. I have a few negatives holding me back. Primarily a medical collection from a physical therapist who sent the bill to the wrong address in 2008. I had bought my first home the day before I had a really bad car accident that required the physical therapy. I was young and dumb and didn't know I would still owe something even after insurance paid out. Luckily I learned from this and start looking for the bill after I visit the doctor. The other negatives are from a divorce in 2006. Ex husband got the truck and decided to stop paying for the truck.

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