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Re: Questions for anyone that has this card.

Shawn_S wrote:

Didn't apply for this card yet but have some questions about it.


1. How long did it take to find out you were approved?  Did it tell you instantly or did you have to wait?


2. Is it possible to view your balance and pay this card online? I didn't see a login/account section at anywhere.

I had the card a few years ago, when the terms were much better.    There is no grace period now, so interest accrues from posting. so you would not want to let much time between charges and payment.   They had an online account to pay your bill which worked fine.  


I think approval is still based on identity verification.  They had some email sent, phone calls protocol to go through.   Should be able to get it done in a few hours during business hours.


It is an OK card to start rebuilding and you have no open accounts and you have bad credit.    I'd get it if you are declined for a better secured card with bank/CU.