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Re: Being asked by Amex for tax return?

webhopper wrote:

UtahNewbie wrote:

What I resell were clothes bought on Abercrombie&, or cosmetic things bought on websites like,,, .  It's simply some of these websites only accept American credit card.  And I bought a lot of them when there's a promotion and then resell them.

Smart kid. Definately smart; except when it came to lying on the application. You need startup capital to purchase inventory... not a credit card. Do you have family members who can sponsor your startup?

+1. I agree with webhopper on this. Your plan has potential, this much I can see. You need to carefully think about how to proceed from here. Eventually you'll need a business card or line of credit, but for now the question is how to get off the ground. With no credit history in the US, you'll need to look elsewhere for the startup funds.


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