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Re: Being asked by Amex for tax return?

UtahNewbie wrote:

Yes, my parents sponsor me and it's pretty much enough.  To be honest, I find a lot of opportunities here in U.S. while a lot U.S. peers are whining about contracting job markets.  And thank you sincerely for your encouragement.  


What I'm pretty sad here isn't that I lose some available credit limit. It is that I can't have an Amex Blue Cash Prefered card which can be used to buy a $500 Visa gift card or Amazon  gift card with a 6% cashback at local grocery store, if you know what I mean. And the 3% cashback on department store is also gone.  Though there are other options, none are as good.


By the way, I've even come up with  a lot of bizarre ideas. As an example, I have considered reselling synthetic marijuana(I heard about this on NPR news), which is technically legal (as of August,2012 ) in both U.S. and China after checking onerous laws. The fact that Chinese government does not really obey the law makes me to ditch that idea (in addition to the moral issue). 












(My Mom told me once that if I couldn't say anything nice about someone, I shouldn't say anything at, seems like you have a nice room in the dorm, eh?)