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Re: Did American Express officially pull the plug on the Zync card??
I kind of like my Zync, not a bad looking card. And as far as age discriminatoion I'm 48 and I got the NPSL with only a $750 Cap1 reporting, my NFCU hadn't even started yet. In a few months when everyone forgets it existed and those of us that still have them whip them out we can respond "Oh, it is a limited edition" or "Very exclusive.LOL. And I'm not sure if I would like to be one of the peopl ethat have an Amex because it was forced down Amex's throat to give them one.LOL! "Consumers who were promised their debt would be forgiven and who were denied new credit cards because the debt was not really forgiven, will receive $100 and a pre-approved offer for a new card with terms the CFPB and the FDIC find acceptable. If the consumer already paid the waived or forgiven amount in order to get a new card, they will be refunded that amount plus interest."

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