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Re: Being asked by Amex for tax return?

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
I'm pretty sure some retailers outlaw in their corporate policies the resell of their products at a profit....

There is a lawsuit going on now with a guy names Supap Kirtsaeng from Thailand and John Wiley and Sons, a text book company. He was buying the books in Thailand and selling them in the United States for a very nice profit. I do not think there are any laws against this, but some places do say that the goods are only to be distributed within the country they were purchased.


Anyway, I went through this same thing but did supply returns. They did not match stated income because income changed this year. The lady said that is fine since situations changed and the cards were opened back up to what they were. I did the same as you with charging a few thousand all of a sudden, but it was on a business card. I was under the impression with a business card they would understand that kind of spending, but I guess not.