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So ashamed and devastated

I would log on here very regularly. I got great advice, tips and suggestions as to how to build my credit score and improve my credit reports. I ended up going from lousy low CL cards to an AMEX PRG, Delta Gold, Chase Freedom and a BofA signature Visa. It wasn't easy but you all made it  seem simple. All I did was follow your collective advice. 


Then, my first AMEX bill came. I charged everything I could on it and racked up about a $3100 bill. My boyfriend and I are bi-coastal (CT and CA) and instead of having him pay for the airfare, I charged it. The bill came due and he sent in the payment. Or, at least, he thought he did. 


HIs credit union thought it was a fraudulent bill, perhaps because it was larger than what he usually pays and it's a new account. They froze the payment and flagged his account for potential fraudulent use. No big deal, right? Well, AMEX didn't get paid. They FR'ed me and ended up closing the account within 24 hours for nonpayment. I was devastated. Even with a letter from the CU saying that funds were available on the date of the attempted payment and a completed FR forms and subsequent payment of the bill, I got nothing but 2 pretty cards to look at, but not to use. It hasn't hit my CRs yet, but I imagine that I'll take quite a dive on my scores.


It's been 2 weeks. I'm just now bringing myself to log on, and even admit to ANYONE what has happened. I'm crushed. I guess it's only credit. It's only AMEX. 

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