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Re: So ashamed and devastated
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MontegoMack wrote:

It did, but I just haven't heard ANYTHING. Nothing at all. 

It it possible to be THIS sad over this? Ugh. It just seems like it was a lot of work for a while to have the fruits of my credit management just disappear.

Its really not the end of the world.  I had an issue once... the good thing is that the issue occured 12 days before the bill was due. I used ACH to transfer funds (about $1800 from my NFCU share savings account to my State Farm Checking.  Once the funds showed in my available balance, I scheduled a payment through Amex website.


the payment won't be reported late unless you went past the 60 day requirement.



the funds transfer was reversed, due to the share savings account being a "non transaction account."    the first attempt for Amex to collect the payment was returned, the second attempt went through.  I had 2 returned item fees from state farm.   As soon as I realized that there would be an issue, I called Amex, and explained the issue, the CSR say no worries, the payment would be reattempted the next day, and there would only be a problem if it was not honored the third time it was attempted. In the meantime I got paid, and funds were available to honor the re-attempt.   I called state farm and asked them to reverse the returned item fees.  They did.  So I wasn't out any money and the moral of the story is that this would have been way worse had I been attempting a payment at the last minute. The payment would have ended up being late. I also learned that I cant transfer funds out of my shares account,  so I opened up NFCU e-checking which allows me to transfer funds.

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