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Re: So ashamed and devastated

Cageym wrote:

I'm so sorry. If it were me I would be on the phone with that bank letting them have it. They just screwed everything you did. I know they would say it was to protect you but there is such a thing as e-mail or phone call to verify the charges.

I agree the bank should have notified them but this is something Amex should have corrected with input from the bank. All large companies know that banks implement fraud protections and that they even have their own internal errors and most companies will actually speak with your bank or request written verification from the bank itself to verify what happened. I would understand possibly not removing a late fee (still bad service) but closing the accounts seems a little bit extreme. I've even had CC companies remove fees that were complete errors on my part.


When a bank admits its error and offers to correct it there is not a whole lot more they can do if the other company won't work with them.