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Re: So ashamed and devastated

I truly feel your pain and can sympathize with what you're going through.  I, like just about everyone on these forums, was a rebuilder so I can relate to your pain of not wanting to "make a mistake" or feel that you've "effed up" when you've worked so hard.  My personal rule of thumb is to never, ever rely on anyone to pay or for payment of any of my credit card bills.  Even if that person promises me that "they'll pay me tomorrow" or "before the bill comes" or whatever the promissory message is that I am being told by them.  If I am not comfortable that I can cover the bill or payment myself without relaying on their reimbursement (in the off chance that they don't reimburse me), then I don't charge it. Anything unfortunate thing can happen to that person or any odd Murphy's Law type of scenario could happen and I wouldn't want to be left holding the stick...if you will.  I'm sorry this happened to you and hopefully AmEx will realize that they're shutting down a good customer.  I wish you the best of luck in getting this resolved.