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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

Newbie in the Garden


10/9/2012 is my start date, after successfully applying for Discover and Barclays Apple Fiance Card. I have no needs for any other cards, hope to apply for a Car Loan sometime next year and possible a Mortgage..


Currently tending in the garden:


Sprouts: (6-12 months)

Capital One Platinum Card

Georgia's Own Credit Union Secured Loan


Seedlings: (<6 months)

Discover More

Barclays Apple Finance


Future goals:

Car Loan (Sometime in 2013)

Mortgage (Somtime in 2013)


Starting Score: 500s
Current Score: EQ: 693myFICO(9/7/12), TU: 710myFICO(9/2/12), EX Plus:701(lp,4/16/12)
Goal Score: 700

Wallet: Discover IT $2000, Capital One Platinum $12000, Barclays Rewards $4700, Walmart $2600, Amazon Store Card $1250.
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