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Citi Diamond Preferred Mastercard

In August, I got one of those pre-selected applications in the mail and I pulled the trigger.  Unfortunately, I was declined.   A month later, I got another pre-selected app in the mail and thought -- **bleep**!~Smiley Mad


The reasons they declined me were for 2 items listed:


Your credit report shows one or more accounts recently past due 

Your credit report shows insufficient credit lines.


The recently past due account was a charge off from 4/2004 and reaged to 11/2005 -- after being sold to another creditor.  It finally fell off Oct 3rd, leaving me with a clean slate of credit .   Also, I was quite surprised when they listed my credit score -- 0521 -- saying credit scores range from a low of 400 to a high of 999.  I knew it wasn't that low, but I wasn't interested in reconning, since Citi has always declined me, even for a student card.


Fast forward to last night, Citibank called again.  The first time they called, I didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number.  I looked up the # on the internet and found out it was Citibank, so when they called last night -- I made sure to pick it up.


I was quite surprised that they only verified it was me and acknowledged that I had applied for a Citi Diamond Pref MC back in August.  They informed me that they used the wrong credit criteria for my application and when they used the right information, they said I was approved and asked me if I still wanted the card?    I thought about it for a brief second and said ok, since my AAOA is slowly creeping downwards after opening too many cards this year.  I think my AAOA is 3.5 years now, instead of the 7-8 years it was before I started apping.   Oh hum, off to the garden I go -- I have enough good credit now and its time to age them all!!!  

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