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Re: BOFA credit card denial?


Since I haven't had my forum smack down for the week, I'll give my opinion and observation.  Smiley LOL


The BOA Constrictor (I've been calling them that for some time now, hoping to get it to stick LOL) did you a favor.   They're about the last large lender or bank you ever want to do business with.  As stated above, Discover and AMEX are much better (even though at times AMEX can be quirky, it's still much better).  Chase is usually better too, so are many CU's.


There is a reason there are a lot of people on these boards that aren't fond of the BOA Constrictor (though some are more than happy with them). I wouldn't want any product, checking, savings, CC, car loan or mortgage handled by them if my oldest VISA CC wasn't a BOA I wouldn't add one (I may still cancel it eventually).  A friend has a mortgage handled by them and he's looking to refinance not only to get a slightly better rate, but to escape any business relationship with BOA.


And Citi? They're still like spinning "The CL Wheel of Fortune" when applying, if they approve at all.  There have been amazingly good results posted by some here when applying for Citi, but they never seem consistent.  Oddly enough, they, like BOA have done some things (that continue to come to light)  that would suggest there are much more ethical financial institutions to be involved with.