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Re: NFCU LOC reporting
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rootpooty wrote:

GoingTo800 wrote:
Personally I would rather have anything NFCU than Amex, once I got my NFCU accounts I could not think of a good reason to allow amex the privilage of doing business with me since NFCU is so easy to work with Smiley Happy Get your Navy accounts and if you want amex apply for it, if they deny you then they were not worthy of your businsess, Never forget you are the consumer, you choose who gets your money.

your comparing 2 different animals.  once navy loves you sure they will offer great limits, car loans etc. they will even give you a low apr no rewards card but with amex you have like already mentioned backdating and the rewards are pretty good if you know how to maximize them.


So does the LOC from nfcu report as revolving then?

Indeed...  +1000.    When it comes to a revolver credit card, I'm much better off with my NFCU cards.   I like my Amex charge card, which i had for 6 months before opening my NavChek. 

Once Navy loves you, as I think they love me, they will offer you the best terms, and highest limits, no verification required. I got my cash card in march, and refinanced my truck with them in March, provided a ton of verification, more than they asked for, and have responsibly managed both accounts with them for the last 6 months.

In Sept, I got Navcheck approval over the phone, max amount, no income verification needed.  In oct. I got a 45k car loan pre-approval at the best interest rate available, no income verification needed, took 1 hour to be approved. We are ordering the car on Friday


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