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Re: So ashamed and devastated

HappySoda wrote:

Sorry, but something is not adding up here. Why didn't you and your boyfriend know there was a fraud freeze before the payment was considered late? How much time did you let elapse before you figured out there was a problem? You have some time between the due date and payment, so what happened between the day it became due and the day AMEX froze you? It wasn't like this just happened in a 2 day period.


This is always a problem with authorized users in my opinion and why I would never trust my finances to a girlfriend or what not. Ultimately, you are the only person responsible for YOUR account. Yes we're supposed to trust the ones we love, but come on, this was totally avoidable. Learn from this going forward.


1. Never let another person be responsible for paying YOUR bills (even if they are somebody you love).


2. Always follow through to make sure the payment was posted in a timely manner. I can't count the number of times I hear people say, "I thought so and so made the payment, I was wrong." Regardless if it was a mistake, error or other. You should always be on top of it.


I'm sorry but this is partially your fault for making these mistakes. Learn from them and take him off as an AU on your other accounts. If there's not enough communication to know when stuff is supposed to go through and it's THAT HARD just to get a payment in, then maybe you don't deserve an AMEX. Just my opinion. Go ahead and flame away, but this would never happen to a responsible person.



Happy Soda.. I’m not going to flame because this board isn’t made for that... everybody is entitled to their opinion... its why this board is here.. to give our thoughts and perspectives... but I would think a majority of this board would disagree with you. They did do the responsible thing.. they attempted to pay the bill that was due! Ignoring the payment would be wrong.. Let’s give them some tips on how to straighten this issue out with Amex.. Not say things like "maybe you don’t deserve an AMEX"... Courteous is contagious my friend!

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