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Re: So ashamed and devastated

And if there was a problem, why didn't you take one of your other cards and pay off AMEX until it got squared away?



I hope you realize why this is a ridiculous question. In case you don't I will explain it to you.


1. If OP thought there would have been a problem they would have corrected it, most people pay their bill and then leave it not check it everyday until it clears all accounts.


2. You can't generally use a card to pay a card.


3. This assumes that OP had double the funds to cover the payment, while I hope everyone has double the funds to cover any payment issue that could arise it's silly to assume everyone does when we know some people don't.


People are telling the OP how to correct the issue because this is terrible customer service. This same thing could have happened if a processor incorrectly billed OP which I've seen my customers have to deal with and then correct.