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Re: So ashamed and devastated
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Again, there's 45 days she had to square this away.


I've never known anybody have a bank frozen funds problem that took 45 days to square away. And if you don't have an extra 3000 dollars lying around, then you shouldn't be charging $3000 in goods and services. This is not a customer service issue. She was late with her payment and everyone knows AMEX hates that. I don't even have a card with them and I know they hate it.


I know that if I ever have an AMEX, not to ever be late and never to charge more than I can afford to pay off (including if there is a problem). And she didn't have to use a card to pay a card, but you can get cash advances from cards. There were a lot of ways to avoid being late, she just chose the "wait and see what happens" approach which is always the wrong choice. Also having an AU paying your bills is a poor choice as well. Ask anybody who has had a credit problem with an AU and they will tell you the same thing - unless the AU is Warren Buffett, never trust that they are going to square your bills away.


There's only one person taking care of your bills - YOU!