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Re: So ashamed and devastated

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HappySoda wrote:

I understand your point of view Tommy, but you're telling me that from the time to where they got the statement to the time it was considered late, they didn't know what was going on? Yes, I have had banks freeze stuff on me, but never has it taken more than a week or so to get things cleared up. I'm sure this couple had more than a month to fix the problem and they instead chose to let their charge card become late. That's being irresponsible.


If my credit card is due on the 15th and I tell my wife to pay it by the 2nd of the month, you can bet your life I'm going to check to see if it's been paid. I'm not just going to sit around twiddling my thumbs because her bank is being weird. I'm going to pay my bill by the 15th. That's what responsible people do, they follow through with their payments, regardless of what their bank is doing. The minute the boyfriends bank froze the funds, they should have found another way to pay the bill. That's my opinion. I know that being irresponsible is given a pat on the back here at times, but I'm here to give people a reality check. You can't just put all your eggs in one basket like this and then cry when they all break.


Always have a backup plan or don't get yourself in these situations to begin with. If you yourself don't have $3000 dollars to cover a bill if your boyfriend can't, then you shouldn't be letting him charge on your card.


I also found this on this website:


"I believe that you have until 45 days after statement close before you pay any penalities or fees."


So she basically let 45 days elapse before she did anything. How is that being responsible? You're telling me it took 45 days for the credit union to clear a freeze? I find that highly unlikely and unbelievable. Here's what probably happened. They attempted to make payment at the last possible minute (maybe 10 days from late) and then they ran into this big problem. Irresponsible people are going to be irresponsible, no matter how much credit they build up. This is why banks have a hard time trusting people who make mistakes, because they will usually make them again.

Even if that is true it doesn't make them irresponsible.


If you make your payment 1 day before the due date you haven't been irresponsible.


Even saying that I am going to assume that this has more to do with personal issues than the OP. Why would you disbelieve the OP?


Do you naturally disbelieve anything you are told. This post doesn't scream troll/Amex hater/outrageous. If you are going to simply disbelieve the OP you could simply say I don't believe you to every thread posted here.



If your bank doesn't clear the payment by the due date then you are irresponsible. Yes, people who wait until the last minute are irresponsible. But in her case she didn't just wait until the due date, because as I've posted, the due date is just an AMEX recommendation. The issue went on long after her bill was due to turn this into a LATE which resulted in her credit card closure. This is not something that is AMEX's fault. They are very tough on new people being late and she should have known this going into it with them. I know this and I don't even have a card with them.

So basically, the OP didn't check her account on the "Please pay by" date to make sure funds were cleared.  If she had done this <<<  then she could have avoided the whole being late thing by taking a cash advance on one of her other cards and paying it the bill online.

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