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snowkitty wrote:
@webhopper I don't mean to ask an unrelated question here but I'm curious as to why your Lowes card was closed? That would be scary to be declined at the checkout and not know why

Sorry I can't paste in reply to webhoppers post bu I'm on my cell

I have no idea, to this day of why my account was closed.  It was opened in May 2008, after I bought a new house.   I used the card to do 0% interest on appliances.  I Paid in full before the promo period had expired. Also, charged a new garage door, and Paid that in full. I made the 2200 payment to pay the card off before the promo interest period ended.  Then, I wanted to use my account to purchase a 400 deep freeze.  Declined at register, talked to customer service, they told me account was closed. The bizarre thing was that I got an official letter a year later letting me know that my account would be closed.  No reason given.


I can only assume that they didn't like my minimum payments during the promo period. And they didn't like me paying the balance in full before the promo period expired.  It was bizarre. My CL was $4500 when account was opened.  Apparently they balance chased and then closed. I have no idea what the exact close date was.

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