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Re: So ashamed and devastated

Obviously people are thinkig that I missed the due by date and that's not the issue - as far as I was told. The issue is that the payment to AMEX did not clear because of the freeze on the account. 

My cards are paid to zero, except for one which usually carries <10% of the CL. The others are paid in full before the due date. I've NEVER had a problem with this and had no reason to believe an account would freeze or a payment be considered fraudulent. I didn't think I needed to check because I didn't think there'd be an issue. 

It was a mistake. One that I feel badly about. However, I doubt I should be considered to be irresponsible or undeserving of cards that, just one month before, I qualified and was approved for. 

I'm working on it. Thanks for the votes of confidence in the resolution of this disaster. 

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