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Re: Chase really hooked me up after UR glitch

creditnocash wrote:

LTomBerry wrote:

I used my Chase Freedom to buy tickets on, which ran about 200 bucks. On the statement it said I earned - 200 points. Hmm, not the 1,000 I was expecting with this quarter being 5% on airlines and hotels. I called customer service about the missing 800 points and the rep took a look.



Did I register this quarter was the first question. "Yep, it sure looks like you did," she said.


"That's weird." she continued.  "How about I just manually put an extra 3,000 points in your account, that ought to make things better!"


shame on her for not knowing the rules. 

good for you for getting free money =) 


the rules states you get the 5% only if you buy directly from the airlines/hotels. 


so using 3rd party sites like expedia/travelocity/allegiantair do not count towards the 5%

Umm, Allegiant Air is the name of the airline. is its official website. I bought directly from the airline.

Shame on you for not knowing your smaller airlines Smiley Happy


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