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Re: Discover called with a CLI

LTomBerry wrote:

crunching_numbers wrote:

After turning me down for a CLI last month, Discover called today and took my information.  Using a soft pull they gave me a CLI from $6500 to $8000. Yipee!


I had read about this happening to other people, but now it was me.  I feel much better. I was kind of disappointed they turned me down in the first place.

I am doing a refi on the house, so I asked twice: I am only interested if it will be a soft pull.  I do not want a hard pull because of the refinance. Will this be a soft pull? Are you sure?  LOL.  

Have you logged on to see if it went through?


I assume you took the proper precautions when they called you.

I would not give personal info to someone that called me, I would tell them I'll call the # on the back of the card, and what extension can I reach them at? Someone could easily get CL info if they got a hold of a credit report, and go phishing for the rest of the missing info.


Anyways congrats on the CLI, they have hooked me up with soft pull CLIs every 6 months a few times now.


Oh, it is there. They actually left a VM on my answering machine.The message was that they needed to speak with me regarding some recent correspondence from Discover and to call back the toll free number.  They called two days in a row, and I thought maybe it was someting bad, so called back.   I am very leary of giving away information over the phone, and I am glad you are reminding people about the dangers.

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