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Re: So ashamed and devastated
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JK: Thank you. I certainly appreciate your defense. 


2. Charging high balances when you just opened the card a month ago. Do you really think it's wise to charge up 3 grand in your first month?


Yes, I do think it was wise to charge up 3 grand in my first month. You have no idea how much is comfortable for me to spend, but I can tell you that $3k is easy for me to financially manage. Quite frankly, all I did was use AMEX as my primary means of payment, instead of cash and instead of other credit cards. I'm sorry you feel the need to insinuate judgement based on a dollar amount. I made it clear that the CU even wrote an memo to AMEX saying that the funds were available at the time of the attempt to pay. What is it that you don't get about that? I can afford it. I haven't been financially irresponsible in charging in the past, so why on earth do you think that I would choose to be irresonsible in my charging now? 


All: Feel free to not omment if you aren't going to read and comprehend my posts. Also, feel free to think twice before passing judgement.