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Re: So ashamed and devastated

HappySoda wrote:

Even if people look beyond the frozen payment there are plenty of other red flags.


1. Trusting boyfriend to pay off your bills


2. Charging high balances when you just opened the card a month ago. Do you really think it's wise to charge up 3 grand in your first month?


3. Having a 3rd party (boyfriend) pay from his account instead of paying you and you paying them from your account.


Anybody who was scrutinizing your account would think it looks weird. New account opens up. The user charges 3 grand. Then their payment backs out. The payment isn't made by the account holder but by some guy across the United States. Heck, I think it's weird and I don't even work for AMEX. What you're failing to do is take responsibility for all of this. None of this would have happened if your BF wasn't an AU and if you paid your bill directly on your own. Once you start bringing in significant others, third party payments, bank freezes. You created this perfect storm. I'm pretty sure that if you had paid the bill from your own account there wouldn't have been an issue. Lesson learned - pay your own bills and don't let others make your payments. If you haven't learned from this then there's no sense in being ashamed. The shame would come from not seeing how you played a role in the closing of your AMEX.


It’s a shame that you don’t truly trust people... For me, that’s no way to live life. Of course I wouldn’t trust a random person off the street to pay my bills for me.. But a loved one, I would. In the event that the person I trusted "burned" me then I would not allow them to help me with my finances again. Also, this is the OP's card.. they can charge any amount on the card that they are allowed to! They can choose to make minimum payments or PIF... they can pay the day before its due or the after they make the charges.. It’s solely up to them.. This thread isn’t to chastise the OP for allowing a loved one to pay their bill.. It’s to obtain new ideas on how to resolve the situation.. So stick with the topic of HELPING the OP.. Not criticizing them..

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