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Re: So ashamed and devastated

webhopper wrote:


That's odd that they would close it after the first attempt... was this your first payment?. I ran into a situation where a funds transfer was initiated by me; from nfcu shares account to state farm checking. The cash showed up in my account. Paid amex; the funds transfer was reversed by state farm bank. Causing the first attempt to be unsuccessful. Amex did not close my account... literally I called them the minute I knew there was a problem... they didn't seem worried; certainly they didn't close my account or FR me...

Amexs second attempt was successful; as I had several deposits and direct deposit all going in the next day.


Web, I was going to say something similar. I once had a returned payment with AMEX and was simply charged a $30? fee and the payment cleared upon second presentation. Now, it wasn't a $3000 payment, prob more like $1000-$1500, but still I heard nothing from them about it-just the fee. As you said, they didn't seem to care. It is odd that they would close the account right off the bat. Is there more to the story??:smileyindifferent:

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