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Re: So ashamed and devastated
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adavis425 wrote:

webhopper wrote:


That's odd that they would close it after the first attempt... was this your first payment?. I ran into a situation where a funds transfer was initiated by me; from nfcu shares account to state farm checking. The cash showed up in my account. Paid amex; the funds transfer was reversed by state farm bank. Causing the first attempt to be unsuccessful. Amex did not close my account... literally I called them the minute I knew there was a problem... they didn't seem worried; certainly they didn't close my account or FR me...

Amexs second attempt was successful; as I had several deposits and direct deposit all going in the next day.


Web, I was going to say something similar. I once had a returned payment with AMEX and was simply charged a $30? fee and the payment cleared upon second presentation. Now, it wasn't a $3000 payment, prob more like $1000-$1500, but still I heard nothing from them about it-just the fee. As you said, they didn't seem to care. It is odd that they would close the account right off the bat. Is there more to the story??:smileyindifferent:

It may have been the first payment, or one of the first payments on the account, not really sure. 


Amex did not charge me a $30 fee.


Also, my issue was on a charge account, the OPs issue was on a revolver account,  not sure if there are differences regarding the two.  In my experience, the first 45 days and the first statement payment are critical... I had an issue with Chase on my first payment with them (typed a digit wrong) and they closed my account! I realized the mistake and made another payment, so I wasn't late at all, the account was paid in full before it was due.   I called to ask what's up! about the account closure and they reopened it after they realized that the second payment account number was correct, and was one digit different than the first payment account number.


For anyone who wants to read this thread here is the link:


What's interesting about this thread is that even though I was aggravated at Chase, I was more than willing to walk away if they didn't correct the situation. 


Also, I learned some lessons from my experience, they are in red in that thread, ... which oddly mirrors what HappySoda posted in this thread.

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