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Re: So ashamed and devastated

tinuviel wrote:

Here's what I am NOT hearing from the OP's story:


"I thought my boyfriend made the payment but he just spaced out on it."

"I waited until 11PM the day the payment was due before submitting it."

"I didn't have the funds available, but put the payment through hoping that it would 'float' for a day or so before hitting my bank."


What I AM hearing is that the payment was made on time but was rejected by the CU because it seemed unusual and they put a freeze on the account as a result.


I am not getting the impression that the OP treated her account with Amex in an irresponsible manner. The payment was made on time and she had no reason to believe that the bank was going to reject it. This was an action on the CU's part that the OP couldn't have reasonably forseen, and if this had happened to me I would ask them to write a letter on my behalf to Amex explaining the situation.


There's a fine line between constructive criticism and scolding. We all have different ways of handling our accounts: how often we log in to check them, how close to the due date we pay, pushing/pulling payments or mailing them in, etc. Let's please not insist that someone who doesn't handle our accounts in a manner identical to us is irresponsible and doesn't deserve to have the account. Instead, let's try to keep this conversation respectful and constructive. Thank you.


To the OP, I would urge you to contact Amex and see if they will accept some form of communication from the CU and work with you to reinstate the account. You have nothing to lose. My best wishes to you for a successful resolution.


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