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Advice: Should I transfer high int balance to my Discover?



For the past two years I've been working to pay down my debt on 4 credit cards.  


Card     Bal        APR

Citi       $2225     22%

Cap1   $ 850      23%

WF       $2175     27.79%

Disc     $4300     23%


I've asked for rate reductions with no luck.  I did have a hardship program w/  Disc that expired in Jan 12.

I did just speak w/ a Disc rep and I'm elligible for a balance transfer.  I have two options:


1) 0% APR on balance transfer for 18 mo. w/ a 3% transaction fee, OR

2) 4.99% APR on balance transfer for 24 mo w/ no transaction fee


I'm thinking that I should transfer my WF balance to Disc since that's the highest APR at 27.79%



Thanks in advance!