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Re: Bank of America question

jtc411 wrote:

So I got my Bank of America cash rewards card a week ago and it started reporting before I even got the card in the mail. Didn't think much of it but now I see they reported a balance already and I haven't had a statement cut. Is this normal for bofa? i planned to run this card up and pif every month but I really don't want every balance reporting. does bofa report weekly or something??

Nah, but they have to report *something* to the bureaus and it could have been a statement close, or just the balance of the day (much like a mid-cycle report).


BOFA will sometimes do this but with less historical frequency than Discover anecdotally; usually it happens because there's a change to your account that needs to be reported to the bureaus.  BOFA is sorta ninja-like in my experience on those things compared to many other lenders.  Pretty much every change I had on my BOFA secured product seemed to trigger a mid-cycle report... I would expect a new account would be similar.  

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