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Re: Bank of America question

Yeah, BoA did a mid-cycle report on me when I PCed from Platinum Plus to Cash Rewards.  Seems to be a pretty common thing with them when there are significant account changes.


It's also a good idea if you ever have to request a new account number (lost/stolen card) or they force one on you (for whatever mysterious "we got hacked" reson they're not fully telling you), to monitor your credit report to make sure they do not split the account incorrectly. I've twice had them mark the old account as "Lost or stolen" - ok, fine - but then report the new account with an open date of the current month instead of my original date of opening the account. And do so mid-cycle. With my mid-cycle balance. Yay.


Most of the time their reporting is pretty consistent and solid, though. It's just these certain events you have to keep an eye on.

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