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Re: Barclay CLD Q's

jordanmedical wrote:

Do they do it for new inquiries or new accts? (What if those inq were on same day as getting barclay)


What about high balances on a loc or something?


Is it 6 months after getting their card or 12 months?


Just want to mind my P's and Q's.

I heard all kinds of things about Barclay and actually it was my 3rd or 4th time I applied and my TU was my best but I quickly made use of that! LOL

I had about 4 INQ (not sure where rest went, and my BIG USBank Card was not showing so that helped but anyway.

Approved on APP 1 or 2 on cleanest reports since BK...

I then opened 3-4 GE Cards, Capital One, Car Refi

fast forward 5-6 months I added another 3-4 GE cards, a AU big Navy Card, and then I went running for Car purchase/Lease and added somewhere between 20-25 INQ on each I think.... pretty sure last checked in like Aug/Sept I was over 40 on each report I think (car shopping is interesting when you are running around 8 dealerships! LOL


So... I have never had anything happen with Barclay, so not really sure... I don't worry about it, they are going to close it or not, I don't care.

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