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Re: Barclay CLD Q's
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I apped for a Barclays NFL card 9/12. At the time, I got a deferred decision (status said it was under review). I called in, and they said decisions are automatically sent for manual review (deferred decision) for people who already have a Barclays card. I currently have a US Air MC, and had a Barclays rewards MC that I cancelled in July (low limit, high APR). I combined the limits on those cards to the US Air card before closing.


Anyway, while talking to the CSR, he walked why I wanted a new card, and mentioned that I had a lot of new credit (5-6 cards from June-July app spree). He approved the new card with a 5k limit, but not before warning me that I should not app for any new accounts for 'awhile' or I risk AA (closure or CLD) from them. When I asked how long "awhile" before I app again, he said 6 months. 


As always, YMMV. I am laying off apping now (only did this one because $400 cash back after you spend 1k was too much to pass up). But...if I see a really good carwho on knows? LOL

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