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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?
My go to cards are Chase Freedom for 5% or 1.5% on non-bonus category purchases. I use Discover for the rotating categories only - I refuse to use them for any purchase outside these categories. Same goes for BOA 3-2-1, i use them for the 3% on gas when i cant get 5% and i use them at the grocery store for the 2%.

I'll use the JP Morgan Select for travel purchases or sometimes to try and impress friends or coworkers who always think I must be a Chase Private Client with millions stashed away.

My cap1's, barclay, FP and all the other are kept outside my wallet unless I have a direct need for them.

My only addition would be the CSP, which may be coming very soon. But it is getting harder and harder to explain 20 inquiries on my report. I'll update tomorrow to see if recon works denial yet, just 7-10 day.
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