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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

distantarray wrote:

Not the ones that are sock drawered. I don't like a over cluttered wallet, but I do have a woman's style wallet that holds my sock drawered cards.



USAA debit card 1% Foreign Transaction fees and 5 free atm withdraws from any ATM in America. Can also transfer money from my Chase or BOA account immediately with the app if needed. (I only keep $500 in here so if someone steals it they won't get much)


Chase Sapphire 0% Foreign Transaction fees, 2 to 1 on travel and dining and nice shopping rewards mall which can get upto 20% discount on rotating items. and the sign up bonus was quite nice.


Amex BCP for 6% groceries, 3% gas and department stores.




now next cards that could enter my wallet is


Amex Platnium cause I want the conserige service, free global entry, free club access at airports, free room upgrades etc.

US Cash +  for 5% off restaurants and 5% off on Bill pay.



Chase Freedom (primary)

USAA Amex (just in case)

two debit cards in case I need cash, one is a co-op network card so I can use it at any CO-OP credit union atm, 7-11, etc.. ...  .. 

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