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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

CruzImperial wrote:



-Amex BCP: 6% groceries, 3% gas, 3% dept. stores, 1% everything else.

-Citi Forward: 5% restaurants (fast food), 5% bookstores (amazon), music stores, video rental stores and movie theaters, 1% everywhere else.

-Citi Dividend: 5% rotating categories, 1% everything else.

-Discover IT: 5% rotating categories, 1% everything else.

-Boa Cash Rewards: 3% gas, 2% groceries, 1% everything else.



Gas: 3% BCP

Dept. Stores: 3% BCP

Groceries: 6% BCP

Going out: 5% Forward

Rotating Categories: 5% Dividend + 5% Discover

Everything else: 1% BCP


Why do you keep the BOA cash rewards around? =O seems like BCP destroys that card by far , looks like sock drawer material to me Smiley Happy

also no Chase Trifecta? Smiley Happy    (chase checking, sapphire, freedom) combined together the benefits are quite nice.


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