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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

While I got a nice new wallet a few weeks back with 12 credit card slots, I currently carry:


Amex BCP, Groceries/Gas

Amex Zync, dont use it much to be honest, carry it "just in case", I just dont know what that case is

Amazon Chase, Drug Stores (I shop at rite-aid alot due to my wellness card giving me a 20% discount on nonsale items)

Citi Forward, Restaurants

Discover More, this one is sockdrawable for the quarter, but I carry it "just in case"


Chase Freedom had a nice slot above Chase Amazon and next to Amex BCP, but it's being sockdrawed for the quarter, in it's slot will go my Chase United card when it comes.


I dont have an every day spender, it depends who is reporting soon and who is paid off when.

Zync NPSL, BCP ($2000), Chase United ($2000) Chase Amazon ($1500), Chase Freedom ($3000), Discover More ($2000), Paypal Extras ($5000), Citi Forward ($2000), Orchard $2000, Amazon ($5000)
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