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Re: American Express App Spree all Approved!

twelfthjoe2 wrote:

Awhile ago I had posted on here about how I got the Amex Platinum Card after thinking I must of had very bad credit because I could not get more than a $500 limit form capital one. Well today I was thinking I would also like a Premier Reward Gold card also for the 3x points on travel and 2x on gas so I applied and got an instant approval then I thought hmmm maybe I'll try for one more and in the end I looked over all there cards and founds the ones I liked and kept getting approved.




I tried for like for like 30 mins to copy and paste this but it was just not working would always get this.


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So heres a screenshoot.





I know they all went in because I got the e-mail saying it was approved and they all had different account ending in -xxxxx on them. They were also all expedited in shipping it said in all the email. I did however get a call asking if I had applied for them. Said yes and they said they would be sent right away. Also before anybody says anything about the fees none of them have one for the 1st year. I also made back the AF for the Platinum card already so I'm not worried about them. From what Amex says these where all done with only one pull. Is there a way I can find out what the limites are on these or do I have to wait to get them?


I guess my credit is not as bad as I thought it was. I will not be appling for any more cards for a long time. Im happy with what I got now. Smiley Happy




UPDATE: I called in and got my limits on the cards. Here they are.

                    Premier Rewards Gold: No Pre-set Spending Limit

                    Rewards Green: No Pre-set Spending Limit

                    Platinum Delta: $8,500

                    Starwood Card: $6,000

Congrats!!!   so why do you need a plat, gold, and a green?  I are confused

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