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Re: Discover....

JPersat wrote:

How long does it take stuff to post to the account? Their customer service is awesome so far, but I've charged 1k in the past 2 days to my 1,200 limit card and I wanna pay it off! However, nothing has posted yet. Maybe at midnight? Maybe they'll post on the 26th and I'll get the 2% cash back, haha.


And on an odd note, I got a fraud alert text today...they questioned a $67 charge, a $19.95 charge (bought my TU score here), and a $150 something charge from getting groceries. They said nothing about the $200 online purchase yesterday, or the $305 for a "splurge" on myself. How is groceries suspicious but the $305 charge isn't?

Credit card fraud alerts work in strange ways. There sometime seems to be no rhyme or reason to what gets flagged sometimes, but it happens when their system sees something that they think is out of the ordinary. I'd rather them be too cautious than let fraud get through.