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Re: Denied for Chase Freedom..advice please!

Sitori wrote:

Oh wow I didnt know that. A credit rebuilding agency told me to open the First Premeire and to charge around 125$ a month and pay it off in full each month. So you're saying I should carry over a balance instead of paying off in full? These people obviously are telling me the wrong info lol. My current report is stating "balance is to high on bank revolving accounts." So does that mean I'm charging too much each month? This is so confusing and I have people telling me different things. What would be the best way to do it? Charge a small amount and pay it off? Charge more and then pay the minimum balance? What should I leave as the balance if I need to carry one?


You said that FP isn't a great card, so is there anything else I could get approved for? With possibly a higher CL?? $300 is killing me.

First of all, a credit rebuilding agency, unless its non-profit, is most likely a big SCAM.

If your credit report says that your balance is too high, that means that the balance you let report is way to high compared to your limit.  You cannot get a higher limit right now unless you go the secured route as someone suggested earlier.

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