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Re: Denied for Chase Freedom..advice please!

maiden_girl wrote:
I would apply for a store card and close fp card b/c it has an annual fee. It makes no sense. I don't know what credit agency would advise someone to open up the worst card in history. It sounds like a scam. No one can build your credit or repair it but you.

I went to the company because I honestly had no clue about what to do with my report, or how to start building. I figured if anything, they could atleast help me dispute the items that should have been gone a long time ago, which they did. I now have nothing negative on my EQ and TU (EX has one). I'm sure I could have done it all myself if I had known about these boards at that time, or had someone to point me in the right direction. I'm happy they helped with cleaning up my reports, but your right in asking why they would sign me up with a horrible company. That's pretty disappointing.


I guess I will close my FP next month.  I was thinking about Macy's but I read somewhere on this board that it does nothing for your score. I saw the Orchard card pushed a lot of people up 20+points. And maybe they are more respected than the FP?  I will have to look into it more. But if that FP card is hurting me, I'll definitely get rid of it.


Thanks again


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